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Other Social Competition Information

Players are advised to arrive as early as possible from the starting time, with the latest arrival by 7pm.
If we do not get a large turnout, please feel free to stay on and have a hit after all the matches have been completed.
*Please note that you will not be playing on the court throughout the evening. Players will be taking turns and waiting to play their matches *

Singles - Singles Matches will be played within the section
Doubles - Doubles Matches may be played inter-section. Mixed Doubles may be played every alternate week.
American Doubles - American Doubles Matches may be played inter-section. Mixed American Doubles maybe played every alternate week.

Partners & Opponents
We will try our best to arrange different opponents and partners on a weekly basis. However, that may not be possible if only a limited number of players turn up on a particular week.

Point System
3 Points will be awarded to the winner of a match
1 Point will be awarded to the loser of a match
0.2 Points will be awarded to every game won

No Points will be awarded to players who do not turn up for matches

Points will be uploaded onto Player Ladders at the end of every week. Player ladders will be available on this webpage before commencement of next week's play.

*Only Points will be awarded to the first 2 matches that players play.
Matches thereafter will be considered as informal matches for the player

In the event of a washout during play, 2 points will be awarded to each player for each uncompleted set.
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