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Adult Group Lessons @ Monash Uni Clayton

Monash Uni Clayton > Adult Group Lessons

Adults who are new to tennis and want to learn the basics in a group environment

High Beginners

Adults who know the basics and want to practice them in a Group Environment

Low Intermediate

Adults who can have a slow pace rally of 4 to 6 shots, can serve and return and want to improve them in a Group Environment

High Intermediate

Adults who can hit with some pace and want to enhance their rallies with depth, spin & consistency in a Group Environment

Squad Training

Adults who are actively playing Weekend Competition, or have taken a break from Pennant or similar standard competitive tennis and wish to get back into it

Available Days & Times for Group LessonsMondaysTuesdaysWednesdaysThursdaysSundays
Time (Coach)
4pm to 5pm (Vincent)
4.30pm to 5.30pm (Vincent)
High Beginners
Time (Coach)
 5pm to 6.30pm (Vincent)
7pm to 8.30pm (Vincent)4.30pm to 6pm (Vincent)
Low Intermediate
Time (Coach)
6.30pm to 8pm (Vincent)

High Intermediate /
Squad Training
Time (Coach)
Sign Up for Private Lessons and possibly join SQUAD TRAINING 
Upon Completion if you are good enough
If you have a friend, you can enrol for Semi-Private Lessons to half your fees!

Dates of New Groups to be updated in the future, expected to commence in May/June 2017.
3pm to 5pm (Sam)
Squad Training
Current Groups Running with Spots Available

  *All Group Lessons will commence/run when we receive 3 enrolments. There is a maximum of 4 enrolled in a group.
There will occasionally be a 5th student doing make-up lessons in the group.

Fees for Group Lessons @
Monash Uni Clayton
Current Monash Students / StaffAll Others
10 x 1 Hour Lessons (Beg)
$200 ($20 per lesson, payable by term)
$220 ($22 per lesson, payable by term)
10 x 1.5 Hour Lessons
(High Beg, Low Int, High Int)
$300 ($30 per lesson, payable by term)
$330 ($33 per lesson, payable by term)
2 Hour Lessons (Squad Training)$42 per session
30 minutes Private Lessons
(Only for Group Lesson students)
$33 per lesson

Please visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for any queries that you may have

Please read through our POLICIES prior to enrolment
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